How we do business

We make custom wood furniture for individuals and businesses.

Most pieces are commissioned.  We get together on an idea, if you would like to procede I start the design work, then you get sketches, options and prices.  You provide the space, budget, and priorities.  Once we are both in agreement, I take a deposit ~ 50%,  the balance is due upon completion. I role back the design fee (usually $200.) as a credit against the final billing.  As always, we guarantee our work to your satisfaction.

To get started call   503 507 4284  or  email  jessewoodworks@gmail.com

Sometimes I make pieces just because the wood ‘tells’ me what it would be best used for. Or because I just want to make a . . . whatever.   Once in a while, I see wood that I just can’t leave at the mill or I have saved and looked at for years.  Often these pieces end up leading to additional pieces. So I do have a little floating inventory. Check out my created, and available page.

You can see examples of our work in selected galleries. Some people just like to see the work in person. In the Northwest you can see my work at:   The Real Mother Goose Gallery,  9th and Yamhill in Portland OR.  A great place to shop for practical artistic gifts and furniture.     http://www.therealmothergoose.com/

A little history:

We are now a three man workshop specializing in original wood furniture. Our work is evolving into creative art furniture. The love of figured wood and natural themes, illustrated by combinations of specie and carving and sculpture are what we are working on now. This process has evolved from doing cabinetry and architectural work which evolved from house building and teaching woodworking at College. I started Jesse Woodworks in 1979 while working as a teacher and living in Corvallis Or. After moving to Salem, Or. Becky joined me in the business and we worked as a team, doing most of the design and construction for many of the pieces you see on the website. Becky has gone back to school and on to a different life; the business is again solely under my direction. We have moved to a new location in Silverton, Oregon. The new shop space is about 50 % larger and the town and location are great.

Each new piece offers new opportunities to be creative and find artistically pleasing solutions to design and construction questions. The creation of sets or groupings of furniture, often from wood from the same tree is one of the most challenging things we do. When the set is delivered and in the setting it was built for, that’s when I feel the most satisfaction. There are wonderful sources for wood in Oregon and I have collected quite a lot of really nice boards, especially walnut and big leaf maple. In the future we will be doing more work with indigenous woods and more sculptural pieces. We will continue to work with other creative people too.

If you have a  question email me:  jessewoodworks@gmail.com