Choosing Woods

We have access to a wonderfully wide selection of woods for our furniture. No longer do we have to use pigments and stains to color the limited selection of woods from the local sawmill.  If you want a dark bedroom set, choose a dark wood.  If you want a reddish dining table, choose a reddish wood like cherry or bubinga or mahogany.  We use light tan woods, dark brown woods, white and black woods.  There are lots of options. Below are some examples:


Hardwoods are usually more durable, their trees loose their leaves anually, and they cost more than softwoods.

Softwoods are used primarily in construction, readily available at a less expensive cost and tend to be needle leaved trees. i.e. conifers.

Interesting fact: 70% 0f Americas hardwood is used for crates and pallets.

We select wood primarily for it’s visual attributes. Some woods are better or cheaper for certain tasks but most woods will be suitable for most projects. If you want an outdoor wood then the choices become more limited. Teak, Redwood, Cedar, Mahogany, Bubinga all work well outdoors. How deep are your pockets? Oak is popular because it is abundant, inexpensive and works well for most uses. I like Walnut because I think it has beautiful figure and it works well. Do you have a favorite wood?

Interesting fact 2: Balsa wood is classified as a hardwood.